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Pow-R-Lube 500

Pow-R-Lube 500 has all the features of model 350 plus power driven engine lubrication BEFORE start-up to eliminate engine wear due to 'dry starts' and post lubrication after engine shut-down to cool off hot turbocharger bearings, thus preventing turbo failure due to residual exhaust heat carbonizing oil in the turbo bearings.





Installing the Pow-R-Lube 500 kit is basically the same as the 350 kit. (See the installation procedure listed on the Pow-R-Lube 350 page) The only differences are installing the supplied brass 'T' fittings on your engine's oil pressure sending switch port and on the discharge port of the hydraulic pump, mounting the AeroQuip hydraulic hose, and the cigarette lighter power cord.


First, locate and remove your oil pressure sending switch.



Then install the brass 'T' fitting, re-install your oil pressure sending switch in the 'T' fitting, and attach the AeroQuip hydraulic line.



Next, route the AeroQuip hydraulic hose to the pump and mark the hose. Cut hose to desired length and install the 2 end fittings. Now install the supplied 'T' fitting on the discharge port of the pump
and install the hydraulic line.



We now provide a ball valve assembly with the Pow-R-Lube 500 kit. Install between the pump and the prelube hydraulic line. When changing oil, move the handle to the 'off' position. This directs 100% of the pump output to the oil change hand valve. Don't forget to move the valve handle back to the 'on' position to re-enable the prelube function after finished changing oil.

Cut off valve


Finally, route the cigarette lighter power cord wire to the pump.

Connect the (+) lead to the red wire on the pump and the other lead to the black wire.



This completes the installation.

Now is the time to start the engine and check for any oil leaks. Run the engine for 10 minutes or so and visually check each fitting you have installed. If no leaks, you're done.



Oil change: Run engine until normal operating temperature is reached. Stop engine. Touch the rocker switch on the cigarette lighter power cord plug to start the pump. Move prelube cut-off ball valve handle to the 'off' position. Place the hand valve into a suitable container. Depress hand valve until crankcase is drained. Stop the pump. Refill crankcase. Move prelube ball valve handle back to the 'on' position.


Prelubrication: Turn ignition switch to the ON position. (not start) Touch the rocker switch on the cigarette lighter power cord plug to start pump. Operate pump until oil pressure gauge reaches normal reading, or until oil light goes out. Start engine and switch the pump off. (Note: Be sure prelube
ball valve handle is in the 'on position'. The prelube function is disabled when valve handle is in the 'off' position. See photo above.)

Post Lubrication: If your engine is turbocharged, residual heat from the exhaust can carbonize the remaining oil in the turbo bearing after engine shut-down. This is a major cause of turbo failure. Running the pump for a few minutes after engine shut-down cools off the bearings and can add many years of useful life to your turbocharger.

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