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The NO FUSS - NO MESS oil changing system

 for cars, trucks, boats (inboard), heavy equipment, and airplanes.


The Kit Includes ALL the Items Shown Above

System overview:   Pow-R-Lube 350



The system consists of a motor driven hydraulic pump assembly

 that mounts to the vehicle at a convenient under-hood location.


The 'in' port of the pump-

-is connected to the drain hose

Photo courtesy of Creative Automotive Products, Inc


The pump can be powered with the included cigarette lighter power cord or hard wired to a convenient under-hood 12v source.


Drain hose description:

The oil resistant 1/2" drain hose is reinforced with a high tensile strength steel braid and has a temperature rating that exceeds 225 F. This material exceeds S.A.E. 100R1, has a bend radius of 3 - 1/2 inches, and a working pressure of 2000 psi.

The patented 'Banjo Bolt' concept allows the vehicle's original ground clearance to be maintained...very important if the vehicle is to be operated off-road.

The hose length is 72" - can be cut to desired length with a hacksaw or an abrasive wheel.


Coiled hose and bibb:

The 'out' port of the pump assembly is connected to a 12 ft self coiling, oil resistant 1\4' nylon hose. A 'bibb' hand valve is used to control oil flow




Mount pump assembly in the engine compartment where convenient and as close as possible
to the engine oil drain plug.
Jack up vehicle - remove drain plug - allow oil to drain completely - install banjo fitting to oil pan finger tight - route hose to pump assembly location being careful to avoid hot exhaust pipes etc - mark hose and cut to length - connect drain hose to pump and tighten hose clamp - tighten banjo bolt at oil pan being careful not to over-tighten - use the provided tie-wraps to secure the drain hose - install the self coiling hose to the pump assembly 'out' port - connect the bibb to the end of the self coiling hose.
 Fill crankcase oil - start engine and check for leaks - this completes the installation.


Operate vehicle until engine reaches normal operating temperature. Raise hood and place the hand valve spout into a suitable container. Start pump. The pump has a built-in by-pass valve so it will run whether the hand valve is open or closed.
Depress hand valve until crankcase is empty. The hand valve can become very warm
during operation since there is hot oil flowing through it so wear a glove and, of course, use suitable eye protection.
Refill crankcase and take the waste oil to a recycling center or other approved disposal site.


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