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Pow-R-Lube system components may be purchased separately.

Please see descriptions and photos below.

Hydraulic Pump - $229.95

The heart of the Pow-R-Lube system is the heavy duty hydraulic pump assembly. It is designed to withstand continuous operation under extreme conditions. This pump is manufactured in the United States and will provide many years of trouble-free operation. The 12 volt, permanent magnet motor draws 7 amps, and delivers 1.8 gallons per minute at 35 PSI.

Drain Hose - $99.95

The oil resistant 1/2" ID drain hose is reinforced with a high tensile strength steel braid and has a temperature rating that exceeds 225 F. This material exceeds S.A.E. 100R1 specs, has a bend radius of 3 - 1/2 inches, and a working pressure of 2000 PSI. The patented 'Banjo Bolt' concept allows the vehicle's original ground clearance to be maintained...very important if the vehicle is to be operated off-road. The hose length is 72" Installer cuts to desired length with hacksaw or abrasive wheel.

Banjo Bolt Assembly - $59.95

The Banjo bolt replaces your oil drain plug. Includes all necessary spacers and seals. When ordering, please specify vehicle year, make, model, and engine displacement.


Year and Make of Car:
Engine Info:
Example - 350 cu in V8 - 3 liter V6

Hand valve and self coiling hose - $69.95

12 ft self coiling hose stores neatly under the hood, is oil resistant, 1\4" ID, nylon construction. The 'bibb' hand valve
is included with the assembly.

AeroQuip Hydraulic line assembly - $179.95

Braided stainless steel over a Teflon core - 5 Ft length - 1\2" ID - complete with end fittings and two 3\8" NPT X 1\2" SAE brass fittings. AeroQuip...known the world over for high quality hydraulic components.

Prelube cut-off valve assembly - $29.95


Cut Off Valve

We now provide a ball valve assembly with the Pow-R-Lube 500 kit. Install between the pump and the prelube hydraulic line. When changing oil, move the handle to the 'off' position. This directs 100% of the pump output to the oil change hand valve. Don't forget to move the valve handle back to the 'on' position to re-enable the prelube function after finished changing oil.

Hardware Package $79.95

Everything needed to install system.
1  Cigarette lighter power cord - 8 Ft.
4  #8 X 1 1\4" pump mounting screws
4  Wire nuts
1  3\8" NPT X 1\4" NPT brass reducing bushing
1  3\8" NPT X 1\2" brass barb fitting
2  3\8" NPT Brass Street Elbows
2  3\8" brass 'T' fitting

1  1\2" hose clamp - airplane type 
1  Length hook-up wire
6  Tie Wraps
1  Spool Teflon pipe tape
1  Installation \ instruction sheets

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